Nature Calls

Ranger the Corgi heads out on the trail I wanted to share that I don’t always get to go sheep herding, which is a drag. Sometimes the days pass under computer tables with my head on the modem, airport, or whatever those warm buzzing things are called, at my human’s feet…trying to be patient. Sometimes those days drone on and on. I do my best to get her attention and get her to go outside and get some fresh air. Sometimes this requires doing a bunch of yoga stretches in front of her, looking sad, and licking her wrists until she finally gets up!

Today she’s letting me take a moment to write you guys, and helping me with some typing. We don’t have a keyboard adapted for dogs yet. So I’m happy for her help.

In these pictures (again, thank you Linda) I share with you some more interesting terrain. I wish I were there now! The trails below the UCSC campus. These trails are great for dried coyote poop perfume and hiker’s dog’s messages all framed in fresh woodsy air. It’s not bad. Occasionally, I get off leash for a romp. (See photos below.)

We want you to know, by the way, that it is not legal to be a dog on the UCSC campus. Not allowed. I asked, but nope, not even on a leash. It’s not okay to be off leash on this trail either, so most of the time I stay tethered to the humans…and hear “leave it” and “Leeeave it.” and “Ranger! LEAVE IT!” a lot.

Please enjoy these few photos of my favorite Santa Cruz Mountain trail. And, speaking of romps, um, it’s really time to go on one. Don’t make me lick your wrists! Take a break. Now!

Ragner the Corgi pauses on the trail
Run Ranger Run

Run Ranger Run

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