Herding is one of my passions

Ranger the Corgi herding goats.

Here I am herding goats with one of my humans.

I got started quite young “freelance” herding sheep and horses around a farm in Nevada. Some people might call what I was doing “chasing” rather than herding. Whatever the humans want to call it, it was fun. I learned that nipping a large animal’s ankles moves them along quite nicely. Now that I live in the suburbs and my name has been changed from “Lone Ranger” to “Lawn Ranger,” it’ different. It’s so hard to find any livestock to boss around. There are so few ankles to nip! The fields around here and far and few between, there are more statues of animals than real ones, including a lawn deer that I (so embarrassing) mistook for a real deer and barked at.

My humans seem to have access to a few horses, but I’m not allowed to “work” them. I have to stay a certain distance and hear “heel” and “out” a lot. I have to sit and watch boring activities like “brushing the horse,” if only they understood that I’m a cowboy and could really help them to get those horses running!

I am happy to say that occasionally we drive to Paicines and there’s a ranch there where I have a chance to chase, I mean herd, some goats and sheeps around a circular pen. There are rules that I’ve yet to figure out, but at least I’m keeping my skills up.

See my photo gallery for a few shots of me in action…well, I’ve still got to figure out how to create this.

Ranger the Corgi and a sheep.

I just love these guys!

14 thoughts on “Herding is one of my passions

  1. Good job Ranger! I’m so impressed with your typing!

  2. Ranger, Do you want me to post this to my FB page?

  3. OMG! I’m one of your biggest fans! So glad you started this. Keep up the good work!

  4. lynne bowman says:

    Well, to say we are impressed would be hideously short of the mark. Ranger, you are a Dog Among Dogs. A Dog Dude. So handsome, and such fabulous moves. Do consider me a fan.

  5. Ranger, now dozing, almost comatose under the computer table, sends a “woof” out to his fans, Linda and Lynne.

    And to his typing human says “for the love of dog please let me go out and check up street light posts!”

  6. Hi Ranger. Did you get to smell anything good today?
    Signed, your number one fan.

  7. terry freas says:

    Hi Ranger,
    I am a virtural Pembroke Corgie who knows you only by reputation. I have heard about you from Linda Pope. She suggested I write to you and introduce myself. My name is Beryl and I live in the imagination of her sister Terry. Can we be friends? I would love to meet you one of these days! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful sniffable Spring!

    • Woof Terry,
      Thank you for your interest. I hope to blog again soon. My human is too busy to help me with the typing of my blog, so I’m kinda stuck right now. Meanwhile I’m glad to digitally meet you. Please feel free to sniff around my blog. Honestly my favorite parts have to do with smells, food, and sheep. If I could just have “memory smells” online instead of photos I’d be really happy about it.
      I smelled a Spring flower recently. It was really nice, but only because another pup peed on it. Know what I mean? These humans just don’t get it!
      Yours truly, Ranger the Corgi

  8. terry freas says:

    Hey Ranger,
    It was a treat for my human to meet your human at the origami show on Easter Sunday. It would have been fun to see you there but there were LOTS of people around.
    I have enjoyed your blog about your walk and the very sniffable finds you have had. I will just bet your human was grossed out by that pelt thingy…as they say in England. You know I have a friend who is of Welsh heritage, just like us…he is a human and a very kind older gentleman, he loves tea and cakes.
    I hope to meet you very soon, I am enjoying this beautiful spring here on the central coast after so many wet and gray springs in New York! Warm and sniffy regards,

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