Is my friend home?

Ranger the corgi on the porch

Going to see my friend now

I’m just posting a few photos today. I wanted you to meet my Border Collie friend: Sienna, see our lawn, and introduce you to the wonderful game of Snack Ball. I have to get through some gates before I can see my friend.

Colorful leaves found enroute

Ooooo pretty leaves.

Ranger the Corgi at the Neighbor's gate

The gate is closed as usual

Ranger waits at gate for friend

Knock knock

Ranger at the gate waiting for Sienna.

Hey, anybody home?

Seina the Border Collie through the hole in the gate.

I see my friend through the knot hole in the gate! Want to come out and romp?

I invited Sienna to play a game of Snack Ball. Who wouldn’t want to play Snack Ball? She doesn’t want to play Snack Ball. She wants me to play snack ball and then share the rewards.

Corgi and Border Collie friends


Snack Ball is a ball that, somehow, humans put food inside. The snack doesn’t come out until a dog runs after it a few times. Then the humans do a magic trick that involves me putting the ball exactly in their hand. Then the snack appears! Amazing!

Ranger the Corgi returns the Snack Ball.

Demonstration of how to bring snack ball to human

Sienna was distracted by the lawn. She usually lets me to all the fetching, and comes around later to share the treats.

Funny thing about my friend is that she has this red frisbee she’s played with all her life, and it’s the only frisbee on the planet she wants to catch. She has no interest in any other perfectly good frisbees, even frisbees that look identical (same brand, same color), even frisbees with good smells rubbed on them. She would just watch that wrong frisbee spin through the air and land on the ground barely cocking her head. Her frisbee had gotten pretty munched up over time. Bitten and torn up, it was just a chewed up mangled thing covered with spit. Her humans duct taped it, repaired it, and she kept playing with it no matter what it looked like. But it just kept getting smaller until it was a just tiny strip of plastic. So sad. Finally, when there was almost nothing left, her human duct taped the little shred of chewed up red plastic on a new frisbee. She finally decided that would be okay. What a relief. I was afraid she might just stop playing all together.

So I know this isn’t much of a post today. Really just look at the pictures. They pretty much say it all.

Remember that Snack Ball is a healthy game and usually the exercise compensates for the calories consumed.

Ranger tired and happy after a game of snack ball

The Lawn Ranger on the lawn

7 thoughts on “Is my friend home?

  1. Ellie says:

    Ranger, your photographer is so talented! Looks like you and your friend had a blast. Looking forward to more pics of you!

  2. Thanks Ellie, for digging around in this blog for a while and for leaving a message. I love that!

  3. I can’t wait either.

  4. I’m so glad my nephew Ranger is blogging now. Yes, my nephew is a corgi. Loved hearing about you and your friend. I’m wondering if putting my cheesecake in a snack ball would compensate for the calories?

  5. Linda, I would guess that effective calorie burning by cheesecake Snack Ball will be iffy. Results will depend on 1. How much cheesecake you put in the ball. 2. How far the ball is thrown (not sure a human can throw it far enough to guarantee the calories used up). 3. How fast you plan on running to get the ball.

    I suggest having a reasonably sized piece of cheesecake (just put it on a plate) and then going to the beach and running back and forth like a maniac for about 20 to 30 minutes or taking a bike ride.

    Remember to let me lick the plate. : p

    • I would probably end up eating a fair amount off my fingers as I attempted to get the cheesecake into the ball. Oh well. I’m not much for diets anyway. Bring on the plate.

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