Holiday Decorations, on Me!

Yes, it’s time for Holiday Decorations, on me! Tis the season that the humans find all sorts of odd things put on corgis. In these holiday cards (see below) I am springing forth, ready to replace Rudolph at a moments notice, full of Christmas spirit! (Golden jingle bells, and plush antlers purchased at Goodwill for $5 total, such a deal!)

Tah dah! Drum roll and bugle blast please! Holiday cards 2014!
There are three.

The first is best because there’s a Kincaid painting in the background. When you see those cozy cottages it makes a corgi wonder how nice it might be to lie by the fire, drink cocoa, eat desiccated liver, and have a belly rub. There’s cocoa in that cottage for sure!


Because we do not like to plagiarize other people’s art we did a couple of other versions. Though we like Kincaid’s background art the best. (Note to Kincaid’s estate: we are not selling these and never will. This is for entertainment purposes only and we fully acknowledge the stunning and cheery beauty of Thomas’s art. Ranger the Corgi is a good guy and will always acknowledge the art of others.)


That version (above) wasn’t so great. But we had a photo of some Christmas lights lying around, so what the hey.


Then there was this image (above), we used a public domain snow scene. We can work with that, right! Not bad. Two paws up!

To make these holiday cards my human did something she calls “photoshopping.” She transformed the gray sidewalk of reality into a winter wonderland, not once, but three different times for the holiday cards.

Want to see the original photo, from the sidewalk near Companion Animal Hospital? I knew you would. It was a very savory location that all the canines had carefully marked.

0982companion_ehuffman, Ranger in holiday antlers and jingle bells sits outside the vet's office with a unhappy expression. Get these decorations off me!

First I just wasn’t in the holiday spirit. What I endure for my human’s whims!

0973orig_ehuffman, Ranger's expression changes "But then I saw how much attention I was getting from the vet staff, and there was the scent of holiday dog biscuits in the winter air!" He's ready for his photoshoot.

Then I saw how much attention I was getting and there was the scent of holiday dog biscuits in the winter air!

At first I felt kind of “meh” about the photo shoot. The antlers were pinching my head, the bells jingling in my delicate ears. I said “Hey wait a minute! You need to talk to my agent!” But the vet techs, my human, the paparazzi, were all just snapping away. “He’s so cute. He’s so handsome.” Sure, but where are the biscuits! If you haven’t seen this corgi video beautifully illustrating “meh” dogittude about costumes then you really should:


Ranger gets some loving, and gives some back, at Project Purr.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

Okay, so all this decorating and fussing about pictures was lots of fun, for the human. However I enjoyed a more reflective and socially responsible moment when I visited Project Purr. (see photo of me reclining, above) They help rescue cats. I’m in favor of that. Rescue them and then chase them, good plan. Here I am doing some corgi therapy at Project Purr, in their Rescued Treasures shop.

I hope that lady liked her corgi therapy as much as I did, “a little to the left and get that spot under my chin, ahh, that’s it!” says Ranger.

I haven’t written in so long that I afraid I’ll wear you guys out trying to show you everything…however, because I’ve been to the vet recently we’ll go from the “Holidays” to the “Paw Maladies.” I had a mass in my foot…not a Christmas Mass, a lump. It was removed by a highly skilled surgeon and staff. It was a big deal, because I am a big deal. When I was at the vet’s office I saw a cork board with lot’s of dog pictures on it.


Cork board at the vet’s office. Wait a minute? Is that I picture of me? Forget Waldo, where’s Ranger?

Cool, look at all those faces! Now wait a minute! I’m in there. Can you find me? Well see the picture below, there I am! This was taken while I was having fun at the vet. I was smiling a lot to let them know I was a really good friend and that they shouldn’t hurt me or spare any biscuits in pampering me.


I’m hoping to get to some real snow sometime soon, now that the Sierras actually have snow. My paw is still healing, so my humans might have to buy me some little winter boots, lined with soft fur. Then the Queen and Pappy Snack Pockets can bundle me up in a wool coat and pull me around on a toboggan loaded with dog treats. That would work.

So that’s it, the end of 2014. It was a weird year. High points: 1. Rolling in a very smelly cheesy substance over at Luna’s yard…it made my humans gag. It was that good! 2. Going to the Puppy Breath Boutique and chowing down on desiccated lung! 3. Getting my herding HT title to add to my herding PT title. So now I’m Ranger the Corgi, HT, PT. I’m qualified for sheep herding. Now where are those sheep! No sheep in the suburbs. This is a problem for me…but, I digress. Low points: my horse died so I don’t have one anymore. My paw hurt and had to have surgery. Well, it wasn’t an easy year…but I try to stay “on the good foot” at least until the other one heals. I hold good thoughts and images for 2015. I hope it is filled with happiness, sheep and biscuits for all of you!

As we say in herding “Keep walking! Don’t stop to argue with your dog. Don’t frighten the sheep. Keep walking.”
—Ranger the Corgi