In the Holiday Spirit

Here I am in a fancy outfit we found at the Goodwill. Some say I look like a Portuguese Saint, others Liberace, or Elvis.
I say that you can make me wear anything and I’ll look fantastic.

I never wore this costume in public because I was a skunk last Halloween instead. There are so few occasions to wear this level of finery.

Anyway, that’s it. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Santo Corgi in full partial regalia.

Santo Corgi in partial regalia. My crown and scepter  are buried in the yard for safe keeping.

2 thoughts on “In the Holiday Spirit

  1. Lynne Bowman says:

    I worship at your paws, Santo Corgi.

  2. Lynne, thank you. I love your paws too, especially when they’re offering me doggy biscuits and chicken treats.

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