Got Cows?

Sunol Regional Wilderness—Off Leash, Spring 2012
or Got Cows?

Ranger the Corgi at Anna Jean Cumming Park.

The biggest ball I ever saw. From Anna Jean Cummings, aka "Blue Ball Park" in Soquel, CA.
Photo: Linda Huffman

I’ve been wondering, as I stare at the keyboard and then at my paws, remembering that I can’t type, what should I blog about? So many things have happened in the last months. I thought about writing about vacation abandonment. Because (yes, don’t start a sentence with “because,” but because I’m a dog I can) this Winter I was left for many confusing days with strangers, I mean friends I hadn’t met yet, while my supposedly devoted people, Elise and Jeff, flew off to Hawaii.  My Aunt Linda cared for me and took me on walks. The neighbors, Don and Lucy, helped care for me too. It takes a village! Thank you village people! I don’t know what I would have done without your care! Thank you Sienna for sharing your home. I owe you a chew toy!

When my people got home they were tan, smelled like tropical flowers,  and acted like nothing had happened. They didn’t even bring me a t-shirt. Well, okay, I don’t want a t-shirt. But they could have brought me something. Hawaiian Ono jerky? A desiccated puffer fish to hang in my dog house? A hula girl holding a dog biscuit?

I have been overwhelmed with topics for blogging and underwhelmed with time. But here were some of my subject ideas: Things I marked on “Blue Ball Park” excursions (see photo above); Rolling in exquisitely aromatic dead things (dead whale, dead squirrel, dead slug); Rolling with friends on lawns; When rolling goes wrong; Mannerly butt sniffing 101; On leash, off leash—you be the judge, as usual; And, finally, What’s all this talk about “big boy surgery?”

Linda carries Ranger the Corgi on the trail.

Use Corgi mind control to get the humans to carry you the last mile of the trail. It really works! Photo: Charles Yaryan

Before I get into my main topic, Sunol Wilderness trail hiking in the Springtime, I’d like to share a few random thoughts. (Why not? I’m a dog.) When my humans were in Hawaii and Linda cared for me she got lots of photos, of me, of course. This is one of my favorites. I like to call it merry-go-round, the etiquette of “saying hello.” Move slowly, be delicate, don’t leave anybody, or anything out.

3 doggies sniffing each other

The etiquette of saying hello. Photo: Linda Huffman

Charles got a few good shots of Linda carrying me when I got a little tired. All I had to do was sit down on the trail and give her sort of a baby look. “I’m a tiwerd wittle puppy who can’t go on. My paws are so dry. I think there’s a piece of gravel between my toes.”  Well, there’s a picture of that somewhere around here (above I think). I suggest this method to any dogs reading this blog who just want to be carried that last mile of trail, like a prince. It can be done. You can motivate these people with your mind! Just plant yourself, exert your will, and give them “the look.”

Finally I decided on my main topic: “Sunol Wilderness—Off Leash!” or as I’ve titled it “Got Cows?”
Sunol is a great place for a hike in the Springtime. It’s so green, so big, you can go leash-less, and you can find cows!

Sunol walk with Ranger the Corgi

I'm the leader. Off leash and loving it.

That’s me ahead on the trail. I’m a good leader. I’m under “voice control.” Well, usually I’m under voice control, but sometimes I really don’t hear those guys. Not at first, but then I do and it’s that annoying yelling “Ranger! Ranger, Come! Now Ranger! Come!” Their faces get red and they march over like I’d just urinated on their television set. (Not a bad idea by the way.) “Okay, okay, don’t get all worked up about it. I’m coming, I’m coming, just let me finish this sniff for Christ’s sake!”

In the photo below you’ll see me and Jeff. Jeff’s on the road, way in the distance. He’s just a tiny little speck. But I hear him calling.  “I’m coming Jeff, I’m coming. I hear you…get the biscuit ready. I’m coming.”

Ranger the Corgi on the path at Sunol

"I'm a tiwerd wittle puppy. Pweeze carry me."

Later I found a beautiful pelt of some kind of cat or something, desiccated, slopped over a tree stump, in nature. Ummm….yummy. I was just starting to gnaw on it, when I heard: ”Ranger, Ranger, Yuck. Oh Jeeze!” They pulled on my collar so fast it made my head spin.

After I recovered from being yanked away from my treasure we kept hiking on a path that goes past “Little Yosemite,” dogs aren’t allowed down there, or swimming, but I’ll bet it in the Summer both those things happen.

Then we walked up a hill and around a bend and look what I found?!

Cows! Oh Joy, I love the turn of their ankles, the smell of their breath. They are fantastic creatures. I’m going to see if I can get closer. Got cows? Yes, yes, I think we do.

Cows in the distance

Ranger the corgi approaches cows in the pasture

Look Mom Look! Real cows! What should we make them do?!

Wow, well, we walked right up to them. I recommend that you do this. They are wonderful animals just waiting to be told where to go. That’s me! I’m supposed to tell them where to go. Oh joy!

Meanwhile my humans decided to snap a couple of portraits. Now I’m going to wrap it up because I’ve run out of things to say. We have to go and boss a horse around now. We make sure he gets some food and medicine, then we pick at his feet and walk him around. I’m his motivational herder. Later we put a blanket on him, toss his poops in a big tub, and stuff him back in his stall for the night. It’s my job to help.

Elise and Ranger on the trail at Sunol, CA. Photo: Jeff Grubb

Ranger trots towards the camera on the trail

I'm coming, I'm coming!

Ranger off leash goes ahead on his own.

Here I am, over here, going 'round the bend.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but I would love to hear from you. Are there any topics you wish I’d cover? Do you want me to go back to obedience school and write about it? Do you want me to try and talk about all I’ve learned herding, about the art of herding sheep? Should I be more altruistic and become a therapy dog? You know, give back to the community?

There’s shot here at the end that Elise took, of my end. It’s humorous, they think. I’m lying down under a chair, but my butt is hanging out. I didn’t want to post this one, but they convinced me it was cute. They make me do a lot of things! (They’re pretty bossy.)

humorous, we think, Ranger the Corgi under a chair.

Under the Chair

And finally here’s a shot from Blue Ball Park at sunset. I like this one because the moon is stuck in the tree. I’ll end with the sunset. That seems like a pretty good idea. Please sniff back around here sometime. I’ll return in a few weeks to tackle a subject of your choice.

Also a special “woof woof!” to my sister Valentine in Nevada! Someday I hope I meet you.

Licks and nose pokes, Ranger the Corgi

Sunset at Blue Ball Park

9 thoughts on “Got Cows?

  1. Oh, yes, the “merry-go-round” photo should have a photo credit to Linda Huffman. Woof! thank you!

  2. Hi Ranger! I’m so glad you got back to your blog. I know you’d rather be sniffing than typing. Good boy!

  3. Janet Adachi says:

    Ranger, You and I haven’t met but I know your People, Elise, Jeff and also Linda. You are some writer, and they do a great job of catching you in action. Between your writing skills and their photography, I see a book in your future. My mother and I would buy it for sure, preferably with your autograph, uh, print. Perhaps we’ll meet one day. Hope to get your sniff of approval. Happy adventures.

    • Hi Janet and your mom, my last writing was a little “all over the place,” but I’m a dog so I can use that as an excuse! Woof! Glad you enjoyed sniffing my work! I hope we do meet one day. Do you know how to rub bellies?

  4. Janet Adachi says:

    Hi, Ranger, You might have heard humans say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Nonsense. If my mom and I don’t know how to rub bellies, we’ll learn. The serious sniffing, however, we’ll have to leave to you, your superior nose, and your boundless zest for exploring far and wide without the unfortunate hesitation that hampers the ability of humans to be canine-class sniffers. Take care. Janet and her mom

    • Thank you. I’m sending you and your mom some virtual face licks. Don’t worry, belly rubbing takes only one minute to learn! Maybe someday I’ll come visit and In can teach you. Meanwhile your kind words help inspire me to put paw to keyboard and blog. I type one key at a time and sometimes multiple keys are struck, so it usually takes me about a week and lot’s of help from Elise to even write a few paragraphs.

      Here’s the good news: I have 9 new brothers and sisters! One of them is coming to live with a librarian friend’s son in Gilroy. He found out how wonderful I am, so now he wants to care for one of my brothers! Also, and here’s even better news: I GET TO HERD SHEEP this weekend. Yip Yip Waaaahooooo! Ahem…woof. Elise has only a few days to work on “steady, steady Ranger,” whatever that means. I know fast, steady is a new concept.

      Okay, carry on. If it’s too hot a day remember that you can sleep comfortably under a table on a wood floor. It’s pretty cool under there.

      Nose pokes and lickies—Ranger

  5. Janet Adachi says:

    Ranger, You probably have noticed that humans, poor creatures, aren’t keen on herding sheep, at least not running around at top speed and nipping at sheep ankles the way you do. Which means more opportunities for you. Have fun! Janet P.S. You type very well, and actually far better than some humans, who also would willingly roll over and play dead if they could have your creative-writing skills. Don’t worry about typos: they’re a fact of life.

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