Cows I Saw Last Week

Look what I found!

I wanted to just share with you a few photos of the most wonderful animals.  They smell good, look good, and seem like they might be fun to boss around. I stumbled upon them on a walk in the country.

I’m strangely attracted to these guys. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to do something with them!

First I had to sniff them out.

Ranger and some cattle behind a wire fence.


This guy is so amazing looking. I wish I could get to his ankles!

Woof! I mean, ahem, Moo!

Here’s the same guy as the first photo in brown tones:

Brown Cow

Brown Cow.

Anyway, just sharing. It’s been so long since I’ve seen any goats or sheep, so these guys cheered me up some.

Below you can see a photo from the good summer days in Paicines.

Cattle in Paicines

Cattle in Paicines, Summer 2011.

Next subjects  I hope to cover: “Horses and Why I Like ’Em,” “Where’s the Hedgehog?,” and “Holiday Attire for a Corgi.”

“Laughing stock: cattle with a sense of humor.”
Steven Wright

Rear end of a steer.

Norman the steer, from the rear.

3 thoughts on “Cows I Saw Last Week

  1. Ranger, good boy! Nice that you kept focused on task of using the camera and not chasing the livestock!

    I like your idea of blowing up the “Brown Cow” image and putting it on the dining room wall. I’ll check out costs for that, and we can check out “stock” to print it on.

    Thanks for being our clever little pup, E

  2. Hi Ranger. I hope you get a cow, or a herd, for Christmas. This is your first Christmas with Elise and Jeff. They did tell you about Christmas and Christmas presents, didn’t they? I hope I don’t get in trouble for telling you about that…

  3. Linda: Let’s talk. I want to learn more.
    My photoshoot for the silly antlers wasn’t so great, so maybe we’ll try again today.

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